Monday, June 6, 2011

Ravioli Adventures

 I have heard that wonton wrappers work well for ravioli.  I finally  decided to try it out.  Mike prefers meat filled ravioli and most of them that you get at the store seem to be cheese filled, so I got it in my head to make ravioli.  We had a coupon for Jimmy Dean sausage and we had the Hot version sitting in the fridge...there the meat choice was easy!  Next finding a recipe, not so easy.  I'm thinking meat filling is more of a manicotti thing than ravioli.  So I'll use one recipe I found and another manicotti filling recipe, plus my creativity to make this up.  Ended up with spinach, garlic, italian seasonings, ricotta, parmesan and an egg.  Unfortunately I didn't think about the fact that parmesan and sausage tend to be salty already and added a bit of sea salt.  Wasn't terrible, but it was a bit salty.

Next came filling the ravioli.  I at first tried filling and then topping it with another square.  It just felt too big and seemed like too much pasta for filling.  I decided to go with the triangles.  This wasn't too bad, just had to pull Tait out of trouble a few times :).  Another time he came up and pulled himself up on my pants.  As he reached for me to pick him up he actually forgot he needed to hang on for balance and let go!  Yay!  He'll  be standing soon.  He also stood up on the chair with his highchair, reached for the tray and then pulled his feet off the ground.  Umm...Tait we don't do pull ups on our highchair.  (But mommy does try to take pictures for daddy...hehe).  I decided they looked a little boring and the wonton container had a ravioli recipe that said to pinch the edges with the fork...viola it's fancier!

Next I boiled them.  Here's where things didn't go quite as I planned.  I should have known though if I'd have really thought about it.  They turned out the consistency of dumplings.  You know, a little more gummy and sticky, but not in a bad way.  So we decided to saute them before adding alfredo sauce.  Tait ate them before the saute and seemed to enjoy them.  We were pleased other than we won't do a wonton wrapper next time. Live and learn!  At least I've tried ravioli cakes?  Actually first I have to do something with my rhubarb...