Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Block Adventures

We went to visit my family for Thanksgiving of 2010.  While we were there Tait received a set of so blocks.  You can slide a picture into one side of the block for baby to see while he plays.  Tait has rediscovered them lately.  He is starting to really enjoy building with blocks himself.  I got some cute video of him playing with the blocks the other day.  He had a great time throwing the blocks with daddy.  He also decided that the one that looks like a roof would be good for bouncing on.  Who knows what goes on inside the head of toddlers.  I'm sure it would amaze us even more than it already does.  I'm also sure we'd be even more baffled.  It's like our own version of "Kids Say the Darndest Things" but we'd call it "Kids Do the Darndest (or maybe Silliest) Things."  Life is never boring with a toddler around!