Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break Adventures, Part 2

This week has been so beautiful.  It reminds me of the first week we had when we moved here, except it was warmer.  Mike and I had a beautiful, sunny, warm week to play and explore Juneau.  This week is just as beautiful and sunny, but probably about half the temperature (30s maybe hitting 40 all week).  Today was one of the days that actually hit 40 or 41.

Todays adventures included playing with Playdoh, which is a fairly new experience.  Tait had fun molding, cutting and pushing around the 'doh.'  I showed him how to roll a ball between his hands and he picked that right up.  I showed him how to roll a snake and he had fun copying me.  His dexterity seems amazing to me, I love to watch him.  I made him a cute puppy out of the 'doh' and he immediately took after it with the knife; future surgeon maybe?  We practiced with the rolling pin and said "roll, roll, roll" or "oh, oh, oh."

Our afternoon adventures involved a walk on the airport trail with my friend Andrea and her two kids.  Tait wasn't thrilled a first with the wind, but once we turned the corner it wasn't so bad.  We let him out of the stroller to walk the trail.  This was a first for him since he learned to walk over the winter.  This was our first opportunity out on a 'trail.'  He thought the pine cones along the way were pretty awesome. He even traded for a 'better' one a couple of times.  Luckily we didn't have to bring any home.  It was such a blessing just to be outside today enjoying the sunshine.  I can't wait for summer when the snow is gone and we can start hiking trails and checking out new geocaches!

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