Monday, April 9, 2012

Egg Hunt Adventures

 My friend Kara (who is about eight months pregnant right now) wanted something to keep her busy and decided to put on an Easter egg hunt.  We all donated a dozen or so eggs and met at Auke Rec on Saturday.  Kara collected all the eggs and hid them before we all arrived.  A couple of the dads and toddlers had to shoo off ravens who were stealing eggs while we waited for everyone to arrive.  Tait and I took a walk on the beach in his new to him Xtratuf boots.  (BTW, they are so stinking cute in his size.)  They don't seem really easy to walk in, but he loves to kick them off.

Once everyone arrived we started the hunt.  Tait was young enough to grab eggs on the grass, but old enough he may want to try the big kid area.  I sent him after one on the grass and told him to put it in his basket.  He dropped it right in, so we headed to the little bit harder ones.  He caught right on and LOVED picking them up and leaving them in the basket.  He had to shake every single one.  The hollow chocolate ones weren't exciting, but that didn't stop him from keeping them.  Once we were done he was still looking around to find more.  It was apparently a fun game.  We'll have to try it around the house just for fun maybe.

The rest of our time was filled with roasting hot dogs, chatting with friends, and kicking the boots off so Daddy would put them back on.  Good job Kara on a successful egg hunt.

 The tongue hanging out in the above picture cracks me up.  Pretty sure he got that from me.  Tongue hanging out when you're doing something intense.  Or it is pre-language practicing with his tongue; totally normal at this age.  Anyway', he was pretty excited to 'find' each egg I pointed out.  One egg was hidden by a devils club plant. I was just sure he was going to reach for it.  He probably wouldn't have if I'd have just ignored it.  He didn't touch it but he thought about grabbing it.

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